WOMAN READING by Malcon T. Liepke - Classic Painting by Internationally Known Artist

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36" x 47" Framed
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There is a timeless quality to the paintings created by Malcolm T. Liepke. His imagery transplants viewers to a bygone era of late night haunts, couples lingering in smoky rooms and intimate private moments. While timeless, the imagery still manages to retain a distinct, contemporary flair. The sublime beauty of his subjects, often women lost in contemplation, are imbued with a sense of melancholy. The brushwork; thick, lush and bold make the canvas “breathe” with an intensity not often found in today’s more “antiseptic” art world. “I look at my own world and paint it,” says Liepke, “but I also want my paintings to be ultimately timeless. I’m a channel to express the human condition.”