Aerial View Of Storrow Drive - Original Painting - Oil on Canvas by F Kubitz

Aerial View Of Storrow Drive - Original Painting - Oil on Canvas by F Kubitz

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36" X 46"" framed
30" X 40 Unframed
Oil Painting on Canvas 
By Frederick Kubitz

Frederick "Fritz" Kubitz, who works in both oil and watercolor,is an artist who paints in a bold, vigorous personal style. He displays in his paintings an imaginative use of natural lighting that translates into a luminescent quality. By the use of fresh colors, glazes and precise brush strokes, he shows his virtuosity and mastery of his chosen mediums.

The theme of his paintings cover a wide range of topics from Maine Harbors, Cape Cod dunes, Vermont and New Hampshire ski trails, to Boston cityscapes and historic maritime themes. Fritz finds the importance in sketching scenes on location and developing these into bigger paintings in his Wellesley studio.

Mr. Kubitz is the recipient of many prizes and awards and has been included in the American Watercolor Society’s nationwide tour of museums and places of exhibition. His painting “Center Harbor, New Hampshire” was published on the cover of Yankee Magazine and in 2016 he won the Rudolph Schaefer Maritime Heritage Award in the International Marine Art Exhibition at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport.

As a long time boat owner and sailor, Fritz has plied the waters off the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine. That experience gave him a great respective for the sea, and an understanding and appreciation of boating, its craftsmanship and details.