"A Perfect Ten" by Marieluise Hutchinson - Farm Life Painting

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16" x 12" unframed 
22" x 18" framed 
Oil on Panel 
By Marieluise Hutchinson 

Marieluise Hutchinson, a self-taught artist from Cape Cod and Maine, paints subjects of "roads less travelled."  The distinct seasons of New England as well as its character present an endless source of inspiration.  A deep respect and sensitivity for the commonplace is evident as she records the passage of time of vanishing homesteads, fields and farmlands of rural America.  Marieluise is a Copley Master at the Copley Society of Boston, a Master Artist at the Cape Cod Art Association and a member of the Cape Cod Museum of Art.   She is also in the permanent collection at the Cahoon Museum of American Art and the Cape Cod Museum of Art.