"Acadia" by Neil McAuliffe - Realist National Park Oil Painting

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24" x 48" Unframed 
31" x 55" Framed 
Oil on Canvas 
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By Neil McAuliffe

  Neil McAuliffe grew up on Cape Cod where he began to show an early interest in creating drawings and paintings of local sea and landscapes. Neil received his formal training at Massachusetts College of Art where he studied illustration.  McAuliffe returned to Cape Cod after college where he made a living creating renderings in pen and ink and watercolor of homes, boats, business, and golf courses.  Neil finds inspiration not just on Cape Cod but also Boston, New Hampshire and the Caribbean.  For many years Neil has been working exclusively in oils in the realist tradition, but his intent is not photo realism. Detail is important, but the final product should look like a painting. I’ve drawn and painted all my life and look forward to a lifetime of creating art for people to enjoy.”